Large DDoS, small extortion

Merike Kaeo merike at
Fri May 23 19:55:52 UTC 2014

On May 23, 2014, at 3:03 AM, Matthew Petach <mpetach at> wrote:

> On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 1:24 AM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
>>> Thanks everyone.  There's been a lot of great on and off list
>>> responses, and we have a much better list of contacts for the next
>>> time this happens.
>>> We are in contact with the FBI now (very impressed, particularly
>>> compared to what I expected), and have access to resources that we
>>> didn't know existed.
>>> Hopefully I'll meet some of you in bellevue next week.
>> seeing as the web version of the security track is content free, it
>> would be cool if you held a little open chat.
>> randy
> I replied back privately, as the specific details
> I had to share weren't really best aired in an
> archived, public forum.  I suspect others might
> be in a similar position, unfortunately.
> I can see why the decision to not webcast
> the security forum is a good one.

Whoop I may have mis-read Randy's first comment to mean there's no
definitive agenda listed yet.    But yes, definitely not streamed or recorded
since we do want to have some open discussion on items that people don't
want attributed nor shared in a public way.  I've already had at least one specific
request where speaker wants to give some details that they don't want to be 

- merike
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