Large DDoS, small extortion

Barry Shein bzs at
Thu May 22 20:38:41 UTC 2014

You know what would be nice? Some real life experience and results,
case studies.

I see the "common sense" and "logic" to a lot of these suggestions but
that and $1.75 plus tax will get you a venti coffee of the day at

Victim: I'd be very wary of these suggestions unless there's some
good, solid reason to believe they're based on reality not just "I've
simulated all of human psychology in my head and here's what I think
you should do..."

I think it's interesting that the guy asks for such small amounts,
under US$1000.

Maybe that's a lot of money for him.

Maybe he thinks it won't be worth investigating such a small amount.

Maybe he thinks it's not a very big crime so if he gets caught he's
more likely to walk.

Maybe he thinks he's poor/broke and this money is deservedly his to
demand, it's such a modest demand.

  Note: He could be factually/legally wrong but that's why I prefaced
  with "maybe he thinks..."

Maybe he's a sadist and gets a kick out of making you squirm and the
money is just his way of keeping score, making you do something
tangible, kind of like "kiss my boots!"

Maybe he's insane which voids all of the above.

Maybe it's some sort of penetration exercise by terrorists, a govt,

Maybe all I've said and $1.75 plus tax...

        -Barry Shein

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