NAT IP and Google

Chris Adams cma at
Thu May 22 16:13:20 UTC 2014

Once upon a time, Royce Williams <royce at> said:
> I've triggered Google's CAPTCHA multiple times at home, just from
> rapidly adding and removing search terms, in a couple of different
> tabs, after driving down a hundred results or so.

I tend to look up docs and such from a screen session on my VPS using
Lynx (text-mode browser).  My VPS provider (Linode) assigns a single
IPv6 address out of a /64 to a VPS, and apparently Google periodically
blocks the /64 I'm in.  Lynx can't handle a CAPTCHA (of course), so I
don't get Google anymore for a while when that happens.

I tried logging in and allowing the cookie to see if that helped, but it
doesn't appear it does.
Chris Adams <cma at>

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