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> >The absolute best solution is to deploy IPv6 and deprecate NAT. If you're
> >looking for an IPv4-only solution, I don't have a good answer for you.
> Deploy v6... yes its very easy to replace every CPE device that every home
> user has... really ? come on, back in the real world that is just not going
> to happen until by default every CPE device has the capability as default.
> Dual stack with CGNAT is the only real solution that works today.
It you have ONE IP, which was what was described by the OP, then
upgrade is the solution.

Even when you have customer CPE devices deploying IPv6 is still the
solution.  If you supply the CPE device stop purchasing IPv4 only
devices.  Only ship IPv6 capable devices.  If the customers supply
the CPE device tell them you are turning on IPv6 and that they need
to purchase a IPv6 capable CPE device to use it with this minimum
set of IPv6 features.  Give them a list of CPE devices that you
have tested.  A little communication goes a long way.

Every IPv6 CPE deployed reduces the probability that the NAT will
be used for a connection.

I wish I could get the CPE feature list need for IPv6 from my home
ISP.  It would save me money buying devices that I will just have
to throw out before they die when they finally get around to deploying

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