NAT IP and Google

Tony Wicks tony at
Tue May 20 20:58:32 UTC 2014

>Some of the networks I work with do the "everything behind NAT" thing and
get bitten by this. Using a pool of addresses helps but... This is only
going to get more painful with more people doing >"Carrier Grade"

I Run CGN with tens of thousands of broadband users being translated behind
/24 pools and experience no issues with Google whatsoever. (APNIC ran out of
IP's some time ago) Occasionally there are issues with things like banks and
universities firewall rules who get confused when hundreds of users are
accessing them from one or two IP addresses, but this is not often. The
biggest issue is the DDOS attacks have a much bigger effect if the
upstream's block our destination IP before we can take the target out of the
NAT pool. But that is an education thing primarily. Blocking ddestination
IP's for DDOS mitigation is going to have to be phased out, its really just
laziness and it rewards the attacker.

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