Observations of an Internet Middleman (Level3) (was: RIP Network Neutrality

Daniel Staal DStaal at usa.net
Wed May 14 18:41:59 UTC 2014

--As of May 14, 2014 9:23:21 AM -0500, charles at thefnf.org is alleged to 
have said:

>> So they seek new sources of revenues, and/or attempt to thwart
>> competition any way they can.
> No to the first. Yes to the second. If they were seeking new sources of
> revenue, they'd be massively expanding into un/der served markets and
> aggressively growing over the top services (which are fat margin). They
> did a bit of an advertising campaign of "smart home" offerings, but that
> seems to have never grown beyond a pilot.

--As for the rest, it is mine.

This whole argument is about them seeking new sources of revenue: The 
content providers who their current customers want to access.

Daniel T. Staal

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