New Zealand Spy Agency To Vet Network Builds, Provider Staff

Zaid Ali Kahn zaid at
Tue May 13 22:24:06 UTC 2014

On May 13, 2014, at 4:52 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore <patrick at> wrote:
> - Warning the world about Chinese surveillance could have been one of 
>   the motives behind the US government's claims that Chinese devices 
>   cannot be trusted. But an equally important motive seems to have been 
>   preventing Chinese devices from supplanting American-made ones, which 
>   would have limited the NSA's own reach. In other words, Chinese 
>   routers and servers represent not only economic competition but also 
>   surveillance competition.

Case in point on Sprint/Softbank merger

Should we as a community look at Open Hardware when we start to lose trust in vendors and governments? Can we make boards/ASIC/FPGA commodity enough to scale?  

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