New Zealand Spy Agency To Vet Network Builds, Provider Staff

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Tue May 13 13:33:02 UTC 2014

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I realize that New Zealand is *not* in North America (hence NANOG),
but I figure that some global providers might be interested here.

This sounds rather... dire (probably not the right word).

"The new Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act
of 2013 is in effect in New Zealand and brings in several drastic
changes for ISPs, telcos and service providers. One of the country's
spy agencies, the GCSB, gets to decide on network equipment
procurement and design decisions (PDF), plus operators have to
register with the police and obtain security clearance for some staff.
Somewhat illogically, the NZ government pushed through the law
combining mandated communications interception capabilities for law
enforcement, with undefined network security requirements as decided
by the GCSB. All network operators are subject to the new law,
including local providers as well as the likes of Facebook, Google,
Microsoft, who have opposed it, saying the new statutes clash with
overseas privacy legislation."


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