Residential CPE suggestions

Deepak Jain deepak at
Tue May 13 07:08:03 UTC 2014

> Thanks to everyone who responded. The picture/spec on this page shows a
> single SFP, not dual.  Hopefully they will come out with something that
> supports dual SFP.
> I am looking for something suitable for an active Ethernet fiber-to-X
> deployment. The Ubiquiti routers don't support dual SFP until you get to the
> PRO (too bad no Wifi, emailed them. :)

Self-quoting here: 

CRS226-24G-2S from Mikrotik is using a new chipset, supposedly. I suspect that more vendors will be releasing configs like this if the silicon is becoming more prevalent. The thing has SFP+ ports (10G) which is cool, especially at the price point, but overkill.  It has 24x gigabit ports which is definitely overkill, so ideally I can find a slimmer switch. :)

List price under $300 looks like.

This guy fits the bill (port config) more closely but also costs 3x more (faster cpu, more ram, etc). 

Neat stuff, either way. 


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