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* Bill Fenner <fenner at> [2014-05-08 20:41]:
> I was the IESG member responsible for the VRRP working group when the
> OpenBSD developer (I'm sorry, Henning, I forget if it was you or someone
> else)

wasn't me, as stated repeatedly I wasn't the one talking to the
standard bodies.

> came to a VRRP WG meeting and demanded that the IETF handle the
> patent issue with VRRP.  We described the IETF's IPR process and that the
> policy is explicitly not to do what was being requested, and the response
> was more or less "well, then we'll have to fix the problem for you".  At
> later meetings I heard buzz about how the developers intended CARP to
> interfere with VRRP, with the philosophical position that VRRP wasn't a
> protocol.

I think we have told what happened in enough detail in the 3.5
commentary already posted to this thread.

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