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* Robert Drake <rdrake at> [2014-05-08 06:02]:
> On 5/7/2014 9:47 PM, Rob Seastrom wrote:
> Now, the bar for an informational RFC is pretty low.  Especially for people
> who have written them before.  Those people seem to think one is needed in
> this case so they might want to get started writing it.  Then patches to the
> man pages covering the past issues can be added to document things, and a
> patch can be issued with the new OUI, ethertype, or port number, whichever
> the RFC decides to go for.

spot on.

but apparently nanog is just about whining for the sake of whining.

> >Must be a pretty horrible existence ("I pity the fool"?) to live on
> >donated resources but lack the creativity to figure out a way to run a
> >special fund raiser for an amount worthy of a Scout troop bake sale.
> >Makes you wonder what the OpenBSD project could accomplish if they had
> >smart people who could get along with others to the point of shaking
> >them down for tax-deductible donations, doesn't it?
> The money could also be donated by parties interested in solutions.

again, spot on.

> Open source is about people finding a problem and fixing it for their own
> benefit then giving the fix away to the community for everyone's benefit.  I
> know in the past the OpenBSD community has been harsh with outsiders who
> submit patches.  I honestly expect the same response in this case,
> especially because of the underlying drama associated with it, but without
> trying first it just seems like the network community is whining without
> being helpful at all.

I think we are pretty damn open for patches from outside.

And I have said it before, if somebody does the work and gives us a
mac addr range to use without unreasonable terms and conditions
attached, we'll almost certainly use it. Chances increased if it is a
full patch with code for the transition period.

Sorry, doesn't fit nanog, since that would require work instead of
just whining and bitching.

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