Does Telus traffic shape their DSL or Fibre subscribers at all?

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Thu May 8 05:32:54 UTC 2014

On 14-05-07 18:19, Landon wrote:
> Before I go chasing this down does Telus traffic shape their DSL or Fibre
> subscribers?  Customer using 50Mbps fiber gets excellent speeds on
> but looks like http and ssh (scp) transfers are capped at
> 1MBps (not 1Mbps) for non-popular hosts but uncapped for popular hosts.
>  Just a hunch.

If Telus discriminates between some web site and others, it is a
violation of ITMP rules

I have not heard of of stories of Telus throttling. And any
throttling/traffic shaping MUST be announced as part of the package you
buy, and there is no mention of it (I could find) on the Telus web site.

Is the speedtest on those unpopular sites always amost the same speed or
does it vary from hour to hour/day to day ?

aka: programmed speed limit, or just congestion on a link ?

Note that purposefully buying insufficient capacity on a transit link
to/from certain web sites would be an untested grey area under ITMP
rules but could still make for a valid complain under both ITMP and
27(2) (undue preference) of the Telecom Act.

You would have to report the performnce problem to Telus to see what
they say. If they confirm it is a problem and it will be fixed, then you
have no real recourse. If they confirm these links are purposefully kept
congested, then time to sound the bell and muster the army :-)

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