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A forager won't return to the nest until it finds food. If seeds are
plentiful, foragers return faster, and more ants leave the nest to
forage. If, however, ants begin returning empty handed, the search is
slowed, and perhaps called off.

No wonders ants don't govern us. This algorithm is atrocious. So if
food is scarce, most ants will stay at home and play videogames all
day, but if theres a lot of food, all of them will go around and
return with mountains of food they can't store.  Is a algorithm, from
a madman, designed to kill the hive if theres very low food or too
much food.

I propose ants start using "food debts"/"food promises".  Ants will
print "food debts" to explorer ants, these explorer ants must "pay"
these debts by finding food. If some ant need a lot of food, that ant
will print more debt. The more food the hive need, more debt is

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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