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* David Conrad <drc at> [2014-05-07 00:21]:
> The fact that OpenBSD developers continue to defend this choice is
> one reason why I won't run OpenBSD (or CARP). 

We won't miss you.

And besides, you're running plenty of our code every day. It's probaby
in your pocket right now.

> > Any complaints for Google using the https port 443 for SPDY?
> AFAIK, the use of SPDY does not preclude the use of HTTPS on the same
> network.

The use of CARP does not preclude the use of VRRP on the same network

> The fact that in addition to the OpenBSD developers choosing
> to use 112, they also chose to use the MAC addresses used for VRRP,
> thus making it impossible to run both VRRP and CARP on the same network
> due to MAC address conflicts would suggest you might want to pick a
> better analogy. 

How about checking your facts before making wrong claims next time?
carp and vrrp work prefectly fine next to each other on the same

I explained what lead to the mac addr at least twice right in this
thread. Amazing how many people here apparently have text
understanding issues.

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