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It uses a Cavium Octeon processor which does have dedicated HW packet processing.  A moderate number of  prefixes won't slow it down doing vanilla forwarding, not sure about 2 million though...  I believe they have recently optimized some of the FW stuff to take advantage of the HW as well.  

Layering services like FW, NAT, and tunneling definitely drops the packet rate significantly, but it is still capable of 100+Mbps at IMIX packet sizes. 

I think there are a couple of in depth tests out there.

In my experience the ERL works really well for a $99 device. 


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> I was also going to recommend the EdgeRouter Pro as it has dual SFP =
> ports and the Vyatta/Linux stuff works quite well.
> I suspect you will be very surprised with the quality experience.  If =
> you've not used Vyatta, it's very JunOS-like.

Does anyone have any practical experience with the EdgeRouter with a
largish number of prefixes?

The "2 million+ packets per second" leads me to believe that this is
merely a highly optimized software based router, but under "Hardware
Specs" it specifically says "hardware acceleration for packet 

I have no idea what's being accelerated since the "layer 3 forwarding
performance" specs for the FR-8 are 2Mpps (an 800MHz CPU) and the 
FRPro-8 are 2.4Mpps (1GHz) which suggests software lookup.

Do these things suffer if you load them down with a full table?  Or
a handful of firewall rules?

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