Residential CPE suggestions

Joe Greco jgreco at
Tue May 6 07:01:33 UTC 2014

> I was also going to recommend the EdgeRouter Pro as it has dual SFP =
> ports and the Vyatta/Linux stuff works quite well.
> I suspect you will be very surprised with the quality experience.  If =
> you've not used Vyatta, it's very JunOS-like.

Does anyone have any practical experience with the EdgeRouter with a
largish number of prefixes?

The "2 million+ packets per second" leads me to believe that this is
merely a highly optimized software based router, but under "Hardware
Specs" it specifically says "hardware acceleration for packet 

I have no idea what's being accelerated since the "layer 3 forwarding
performance" specs for the FR-8 are 2Mpps (an 800MHz CPU) and the 
FRPro-8 are 2.4Mpps (1GHz) which suggests software lookup.

Do these things suffer if you load them down with a full table?  Or
a handful of firewall rules?

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