oss netflow collector/trending/analysis

Warren Bailey wbailey at satelliteintelligencegroup.com
Sun May 4 17:10:38 UTC 2014

Ntop is somehow open source if I recall. Seemed to work well and was fairly cheap to license.

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From: David Edelman <dedelman at iname.com>
Date: 05/04/2014 11:05 AM (GMT-07:00)
To: Leslie <geekgirl at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: oss netflow collector/trending/analysis

Argus (qosient.com) is worth looking at.

Dave Edelman

> On May 2, 2014, at 12:21, Leslie <geekgirl at gmail.com> wrote:
> pmacct (http://www.pmacct.net/) is another pretty awesome open source tool.
> Leslie
>> On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 8:00 AM, Avi Freedman <freedman at freedman.net> wrote:
>> There's also SiLK from CMU.  It's powerful but has a learning curve.
>> I also see pmacct being used both by some end networks and by
>> some vendors as part of systems.
>> Avi
>>> Hey There,
>>> I was just wondering, for people who are doing netflow analysis with
>>> open source tools and who are doing at least 10k or more flows per
>>> second, what are you using?
>>> I know of three tool sets:
>>> - The classic osu flow-tools and the modern continuation/fork.
>>> - ntop
>>> - nfdump/nfsen
>>> Is there anything else I've missed? A few folks here really seem to like
>>> nfsen/nfdump.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Matt

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