CLEC and FTTP H.248/Megaco

Clayton Zekelman clayton at MNSi.Net
Sat May 3 12:56:08 UTC 2014

In my experience, where Bell Canada has installed FTTP facilities, 
CLECs are not given access to these deployments.

The orders come back as "UNAVAILABLE FACILITIES"

At 11:49 PM 02/05/2014, Jean-Francois Mezei wrote:
>I need a sanity check.
>An incumbent in Canada has revealed that its voice service on FTTP
>deployments is based on H.248 MEGACO (Media Gateway Controller).
>Are there any examples of CLEC access to such FTTP deployments ?
>(for instance, an area where the copper was removed, leaving only fibre
>to homes, do CLECs retain competitive access via fibre to homes, or is
>it going out of business or going with pure SIP/VoIP over the regular
>internet connection, instead of using the "quality" voice link in the
>GPON with garanteed bandwidth ?
>Can this protocol support the programming of one OLT/MG  connecting to
>the Telco's MGC, while the OLT/MG next door connects to the CLEC's MGC ?
>Or does the protocol result in MG's "discovering" the nearest MGC and
>connecting to it (making it hard to have multiple MGCs from competing
>I have been lead to believe that most OLTs came with a SIP based ATA. It
>appears that H.248 is more telco friendly and scales better. Does this
>mean that H.248 is more widely deployed in FTTH ?


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