CLEC and FTTP H.248/Megaco

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Sat May 3 03:49:39 UTC 2014

I need a sanity check.

An incumbent in Canada has revealed that its voice service on FTTP
deployments is based on H.248 MEGACO (Media Gateway Controller).

Are there any examples of CLEC access to such FTTP deployments ?

(for instance, an area where the copper was removed, leaving only fibre
to homes, do CLECs retain competitive access via fibre to homes, or is
it going out of business or going with pure SIP/VoIP over the regular
internet connection, instead of using the "quality" voice link in the
GPON with garanteed bandwidth ?

Can this protocol support the programming of one OLT/MG  connecting to
the Telco's MGC, while the OLT/MG next door connects to the CLEC's MGC ?

Or does the protocol result in MG's "discovering" the nearest MGC and
connecting to it (making it hard to have multiple MGCs from competing

I have been lead to believe that most OLTs came with a SIP based ATA. It
appears that H.248 is more telco friendly and scales better. Does this
mean that H.248 is more widely deployed in FTTH ?

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