why IPv6 isn't ready for prime time, SMTP edition

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sun Mar 30 02:34:56 UTC 2014

> > Don't forget "Vanquish was a complete failure, so why would this be
> > any different?" and "do I want Phil Raymond to sue me for violating
> > the patent on this exact scheme?"
> That was a specific reply by me to a specific suggestion of a
> mechanism refunding e-postage to the sender if one wanted an e-mail or
> leaving the charge if not.
> As I said I think it's overly complex in implementation and not of
> much benefit.
> I don't see where Vanquish does any of this from the product site tho
> I could look at the patents, they might cover more than they used in
> products of course.

Really, this is a WKBI from 1997.  Look at the patent if you don't believe 

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