Cisco Security Advisory

Scott Weeks surfer at
Sat Mar 29 00:34:13 UTC 2014

--- rdrake at wrote:
From: Robert Drake <rdrake at>

because seeing 5 advisories at once is like a giant line break in NANOG 
discussions, so it's harder to tune it out and skip the emails :)

They could Bcc: all the lists they are sending to in one set of emails 
so the message-id is the same, then you could filter duplicates at 
least.  Or they could do the summary email like you guys want, whichever 
makes people happy.  :)

You got 5 (actually 6 this time) perhaps because you're only on NANOG.
I got over 30 this time and once when there were 9 vulnerabilities
I got almost 50 emails from cisco.


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