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Alex Howells alex at howells.me
Thu Mar 27 05:22:40 UTC 2014

On 27 March 2014 05:09, Warren Bailey <
wbailey at satelliteintelligencegroup.com> wrote:

>  I think the real problem here is the event is for 2 days and he requires
> a metric shxt ton of data (for wireless anyways..). Sure you could get all
> kinds of COOL solutions together, but do you think the (UK Version) LEC is
> going to run DSL/fiber/blah for a two day event? And who bears that cost
> burden?

Yes. Absolutely. Getting a phone line or multiple installed for 2 days is
*completely* feasible, and depending on the length to the cabinet/exchange,
the speeds he wants are also not too difficult (~20Mbps) through bonding.

Both of the locations he has identified probably already have a significant
number of copper pairs into the building. There are more than likely to be
enough spare although the install process could be complicated if that is
not the case.

Typically speaking a line install costs from BT Openreach costs around
£50+VAT, but you'd pay £145+VAT to get an expedited install appointment. In
*theory* (never tried this myself) they should be able to install multiple
lines within the same appointment, so four lines might run you £345+VAT or
thereabouts although worst case you could be looking at £195+VAT per line.

I believe it's possible to just cancel them immediately after the event,
and that it's possible to avoid a 12 month minimum term, so you'd be
looking at fairly minimal rental costs (£12+VAT per line, or thereabouts)
to cover their rental for the 30 days covering your event.

I am not trivialising the use of AirFiber in the slightest, however, if
that's what it takes to get him the required bandwidth it's also not out of
the realm of possibility for someone (i.e. doing it through MaxWiFi) to set
up, for the required amount of money. I specifically stated it would be
more complex than a DSL line.

I think the OP was looking for solutions, not pages of text about how
difficult or impossible his situation actually is ;-)

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