WISP or other options

Alex Howells alex at howells.me
Thu Mar 27 04:41:39 UTC 2014

Pay someone to worry about all this stuff, MaxWiFi has a good reputation in
the UK at least.

Stuff like the Ubiquiti Networks AirFiber can be good for getting from A-B
over "relatively short" distances if you've identified another place which
has really good connectivity which you can use, and if good connectivity is
truly critical to the events. Obviously this involves masts, may involve
permitting, and is a bit more complex than just a DSL line.

It's usually possible to bond multiple DSL connections, and it's not
impossible to get phone lines and DSL installed for short events either,
although it does depend on the venue being willing to accommodate you.

According to SamKnows the South Queensferry exchange (Dundas Castle) is
supposed to have gotten BT FTTC capability from 1st March and some LLU (O2,
TalkTalk, Sky) has happened, so again, talk to someone who specialises in
this stuff and they'll be able to navigate "What is the least fucked up way
to solve this for the event?".


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