why IPv6 isn't ready for prime time, SMTP edition

Måns Nilsson mansaxel at besserwisser.org
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Subject: Re: why IPv6 isn't ready for prime time, SMTP edition Date: Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 03:35:48PM -0400 Quoting John R. Levine (johnl at iecc.com):
> >>It must be nice to live in world where there is so little spam and
> >>other mail abuse that you don't have to do any of the anti-abuse
> >>things that real providers in the real world have to do.
> >
> >What is a real provider? And what in the email specifications tells us
> >that the email needs and solutions of any one individual, as long as they
> >are following protocol (which I'm quite convinced Mark is) are "unreal"?
> A real provider is one that provides mail for real users, as opposed
> to someone who plays RFC language lawyer games.  I only have a few
> dozen users, but I can assure you I use a whole lot of different
> filtering approaches including DNSBLs to keep my users' mailboxes
> usable.

Ergo, ad hominem. Please quit doing that. 
As a side note I happen to run my own mail server without spam filters
-- it works for me. I might not be the norm, but then again, is there
really a norm? (A norm that transcends SMTP RFC reach, that is -- the
necessity to stick to protocol is not under debate)
> I must say it's pretty amusing that someone who works for the
> organization that published the original DNSBL seems to be ranting
> against them.

The ability to change ones mind when circumstances change is usually
seen as advantageous. Why not here?

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