why IPv6 isn't ready for prime time, SMTP edition

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Wed Mar 26 17:42:59 UTC 2014

>And I also remember thinking at the time that you missed one very 
>important angle, and that is that the typical ISP has the technical 
>capability to bill based on volume of traffic already, and could easily 
>bill per-byte for any traffic with 'e-mail properties' like being on 
>certain ports or having certain characteristics.  Yeah, I'm well aware 
>of the technical issues with that; I never said it was a good idea, but 
>what is the alternative?

Where do you expect them to send the bill?


PS: The alternative is to deal directly with spam issues, rather than
replacing them with even worse e-postage issues.  One of the things I
pointed out in that white paper is that as soon as you have real money
involved, you're going to have a whole new set of frauds and scams that
are likely to be worse than the ones you thought you were solving.

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