misunderstanding scale (was: Ipv4 end, its fake.)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Mar 26 05:27:57 UTC 2014

>>> Thus far, IPv6 has been the "Field of Dreams" .... those of us who have
>>> built it, we know they have not yet come  (the IPv6 customers).  That's
>>> all this discussion is really about is "when will they come".
>> Some of us have quite a few IPv6 customers:
>> http://www.worldipv6launch.org/measurements/
>> And we see significant traffic from those users.  :-)
> Maybe my isolation in silicon valley causes me to have a different IPv6
> experience. Not much IPv6 happening here. I heard Google my have topped
> over 2% traffic that is IPv6. Significant ? Not from where I am sitting.

There’s actually lots of IPv6 happening in Silicon Valley. I’ve been running IPv6
for years and so has my employer. Your Google data is old… They’re well over 4%
and it’s been doubling about every 3-6 months, so I’d expect to see upwards of 16%
by the end of the year, but remember, that’s traffic that chose IPv6 based on happy
eyeballs and doesn’t represent all traffic that could have gone IPv6 or even all
traffic that would have gone best over IPv6.

If Micr0$0ft would publish the stats of native vs. teredo from the xbox one, I bet
we’d have a better idea of what percentage of folks are running IPv6 for real.

I think it’s a lot more than you seem to believe.

Of the major consumer providers in the area, AT&T and SPRINT Wireless are
the only ones I’m aware of that are completely unable to do IPv6. Even some
of the smaller residential providers are now doing some IPv6 and I hear rumors
that some AT&T DSL and uVerse customers can now get IPv6.

> We give away the IPv6 to every business on a second port - to make their
> life easy and encourage them to play with it. Unfortunately, few try it at
> all.

We make IPv6 available to all of our customers on the same port which seems
to make their life even easier and many of our customers are using it. Perhaps
this is food for thought.


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