IPv6 isn't SMTP

Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at cox.net
Wed Mar 26 04:07:28 UTC 2014

On 3/25/2014 10:31 PM, Cutler James R wrote:
> Wow, what a lot of NANOG traffic about IPv6 readiness for SMTP!
> Please explain my misunderstanding on the following:
> 1.  IPv6 is a Routing Layer Protocol (with some associated helpers, like RA, ND, DHCP-PD, and the like).
> 2.  SMTP is an Application Layer Protocol, supposedly independent of Routing and lower layers of the protocol stack. Various communities have added connection initiation requirements that sometimes impinge upon layer 3 by requiring name/address correlations in DNS and none of which depend directly on technical aspects of layer 3 addressing. [ignoring obsolescent MTA implementations]
> 3.  Arguing about IPv6 in the context of requirements upon SMTP connections is playing that uncomfortable game with one’s own combat boots.  And not particularly productive.
> I look forward to furthering my education.


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