why IPv6 isn't ready for prime time, SMTP edition

Brielle Bruns bruns at 2mbit.com
Tue Mar 25 17:43:48 UTC 2014

On 3/25/14, 11:23 AM, John Levine wrote:
> Large mail providers all agree that v6 senders need to follow good
> mail discipline, but are far from agreeing what that means.  It
> certainly means proper rDNS, but does it mean SPF?  DKIM on all the
> mail?  TLS on the connections?  At this point, I don't know and
> neither does anyone else.  Fortunately we have at least another decade
> of full IPv4 mail connectivity to figure it out.

So, what's everyone's feelings about a rather large provider who blocks 
IPv6 e-mail that has no RDNS, even though the sending domain has SPF 
records allowing the block, and proper DKIM set up?

*looks directly at Google*

Nothing like poorly thought out policy to break a rather successful IPv6 
roll-out for multiple customers.

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