Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on Technica

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> You are right but that is usually how it works with fiber because that
> last drop to the home is a pretty expensive piece that you don't
> usually want installed until it is needed. The LECS usually don't even
> light a building unless there is a service that requires it. I was
> trying to make the point that $700 - 800 per premise as quoted seems
> extremely low to me. The cost of the cable, splices, cases, MPOEs, and
> especially labor make that number unbelievable to me. I am coming at
> this as someone who was in charge of a similar project that connected
> every building on US Air Force bases to a fiber backbone. An Air Force
> base is very similar to a suburb in a lot of respects in terms of
> density and utilities structure. I was responsible for the design,
> pricing, procurement, and contractor management on that project. We
> had 3,000 buildings in approximately a eight square mile area and the
> total project cost was in excess of $12 million dollars which equates
> to something like $4000 per building. Granted we were doing 12 strands
> per building but cable costs have fallen since this project so they
> should be pretty close.

"Marine, Aviation, Mil-Spec, Aerospace, Man-Rated":  The five most expensive
adjectives in the English language, in ascending order.

(When I need rule-of-thumb multipliers, I use 5, 10, 20, 400, and 5000, resp.)

For the record, I don't recall whether $800 was all-in -- inclusive of all 
the central building equipment and labor -- or not.  Time to exhume the
thread from the archives.

It was quite informative.

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