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Tue Mar 25 07:25:42 UTC 2014

On Mar 25, 2014, at 1:07 PM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:

> ok, let me also try to be constructive.  how the heck do we get
> ourselves out of a hole where we are ruled by self-perptuating
> monopolies which lack oversight and accountability.  and it ain't
> just arin.  look at the big [cc]tlds, the horror of icann, ...

Randy -

The ARIN Board has a governance committee, and so I'll leave 
responding to your ARIN specific governance points to the Chair
of that committee (Paul Andersen)...

With respect to entire Internet name and number ecosystem, I do 
not agree with the characterization that "... we are ruled by 
self-perptuating monopolies which lack oversight and accountability", 
but also in the spirit of being constructive, let me agree that:

 1) It is a very strange family of organizations with rather
    uneven governance practices.
 2) There is a real risk that one or more of these organizations 
    could evolve into "self-perptuating monopolies which lack 
    oversight and accountability", and this risk is definitely
    worthy of folks attention considering NTIA's IANA announcement.

In particular, it would be wise idea to folks to think about the 
what should be the underlying principles for the governance of 
all of these organizations...  The IANA transition announcement
that I forwarded earlier is about  building a plan which meets 
the NTIA's requirements for transiting its oversight role - 

"... NTIA has communicated to ICANN that the transition proposal must have broad community support and address the following four principles:

  • Support and enhance the multistakeholder model;
  • Maintain the security, stability, and resiliency of the Internet DNS;
  • Meet the needs and expectation of the global customers and partners of the IANA services; and,
  • Maintain the openness of the Internet."

That third requirement (meet the needs and expectations of the 
global customers) is going to be hard to satisfy without really
good governance practices - it would be good if folks who feel
like you do take a moment to remind NTIA what exactly you think
good governance practices are; paraphrasing your points, that
might be elements such as:

- Simple terms and conditions for contracts with registries
- Membership organizations for registries with term limits 
  for Board and advisory bodies
- Board diversity (meaning real world users)
- Competitive registries 
- ...

There will shortly be a process to share such input into the
transition plan; I will make sure its well known on this list
and the ARIN lists.  Folks should begin thinking so that they
can provide insight into what they expect from the Internet 
name and number registry system as conditions necessary for 
USG/NTIA to effect a transition of its stewardship role to 
these organizations collectively.


John Curran
President and CEO

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