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Thanks for giving me a lead in!

ARIN has been gradually evolving and tweaking the governance over the past fifteen years. Given it’s a small board it’s been generally done at the full Board historically.

We’ve recently started to take a long look at a variety of issues to see if there is a better way to structure ourselves to deliver the mission and stay accountable to the community. 

We do have a small sub-set working given there is a lot of things to go through and I am leading the charge on that issue for the ARIN Board. Over the coming months we'll be more formally looking for community input on a variety of governance and accountability issues. In the interim we're happy to take any informal input directly.

The specific point you mention in regards to term limits has been taken out of context in that the thought was that as part of a larger process we should likely go ask our various communities their thoughts on this and other issues which seems to be in line with what your asking.

And no - not embarrassed… However the always colourful feedback is appreciated and will be taken into account.



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On Mar 25, 2014, at 1:23 PM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:

> omg!  a friend just sent this great example of how far down we have gone
> there is a governance committee.  guess the composition.  "The Committee
> shall consist of three elected members from the Board of Trustees."  how
> wonderfully corrupt.
> and this is the self same board which could not agree to limit their own
> terms, <>.  "The Board
> discussed term limits for its members and members of the ARIN AC. No
> consensus was reached."
> my youngest granddaughter's kindergarten has better governance.
> and they're not even embarrassed.  sheesh!

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