arin representation

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Mar 25 06:46:03 UTC 2014

> I am not sure I understand the argument here.  If you think that ARIN
> is not representing the address space holders in proper fashion, how
> would we suggest correcting that?

i have made off the cuff suggestions.  but seriously, i would seek real
external governance counsel.

> If an address holder does not become a member (which is fairly easy to
> do if you care enough) how would we even know what their concerns or
> feelings are?

read my lips

> the number of /24s is not proportional to the total number of members

which is why i asked both questions

> Given that the US Gov't holds a vast amount of the legacy space skews
> the results a lot.  They might or might not be a "member" but they
> certainly hold a lot of influence in ARINs operation as the one who
> controls the contract.  If ARIN was to cross them the wrong way, they
> might not be holding that contract very long.

there is no such contract.  arin is not the icann or iana.


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