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Randy Bush randy at
Tue Mar 25 01:25:21 UTC 2014


i appreciate the numbers.  thanks!  and, btw, it has always been a
pleasure to work with arin staff.

> Total number of /24s of space directly registered in ARIN's database =
> 6,644,175 (101.38 /8 equivalents)
> Of those: 2,808,621 /24s of space (42.3%) are registered to ARIN
> members (42.86 /8 equivalents)
> Total number of Org IDs with directly registered IPv4 addresses = 26,148  
> Of those: 4,520 (17%) are ARIN members

the arin membership consists of 17% of the address holding organizations
in the region (plus a few folk who buy membership), and they hold 42% of
the address space.

so the 17% (give or take) elect the board [0], and the board, through a
complex inside-controlled process [1], sets policy for the other
unrepresented 83%.  and the board and policy wonks set policy and
contracts, among other things the lrsa and rsa, which place serious
barriers to becoming a member, such as clauses with arin being able to
unilaterally change ts&cs arbitrarily. [2] [3]

and i know the "anyone can partiipate" theory.  but in fact extremely
few participate, and arin pays many of the policy wonks to fly around
the world business class and spread the arin regulatory religion.  no
other rir does this.

and this is a representative bottom up organization claiming legitimacy
in the global arena?  i would be interested in similar numbers for other
rirs, and whether their service agreements are similarly onerous.  (and
i believe that ripe is actively tearing down barriers to participation).



[0] as you know, there has been at least one occasion where the board
    election has been rigged.  at your encouragement, i once submitted
    the whole nomination rig-a-marole to the nomcom.  my name did not
    appear on the ballot, which i found out only when the ballot came
    out, and was never even viven a reason.

[1] an outsider can not make a proposal that is not modifiably by an
    'advisory' committee.  and most are revised.  [smell same problem
    as nomcom?]

[2] who would sign such an agreement except under threat of not having
    the resources necessary to run their business?  see


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