misunderstanding scale

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Mar 24 23:53:23 UTC 2014

>>> You propose stateless NAT64 as an viable alternative to CGN.
>> where do i do that?
> Nick Hilliard

ahh.  i see your error.  i am not nick hilliard.  he's the cute one.

> Your reply (verbosity added for clarity): "[Sure it is! Unlike where
> folks solve their problem with CGN, v6 to v4 protocol translation] can
> be stateless."

again, you put words in my mouth which were not there.  i did not say v6
to v4 translation.

> Nah, I'm done following bread crumbs for the day.

cool.  then we can all go back to reality and whet people actually said.



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