Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on Technica

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Mon Mar 24 23:23:27 UTC 2014

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> From: "Steve Naslund" <SNaslund at medline.com>

> Thinking about this again, let's take Jay at his word that he can make
> a "passing" for $700-800. 

Let's not.

I was quoting vendors who had themselves been quoted by other NANOGers.
Whether those other NANOGers had *paid* that price is unclear, but the
price was assuming a bulk greenfield install.  Whether it included TAs
I don't remember, and would have to look at the archives.

>                            Unfortunately, the ISP or service provider
> does not pay for a passing, they pay for an entry. After all we can't
> let them make their own entry or we will have everyone and their
> brother in our splice case.

They will terminate their equipment in my building, and I will feed 
them cross-connects.

>                               We will also have third world aerial
> spaghetti as they all run their own drop cables using God knows who as
> "skilled labor". 

No, cause the fiber that's in the ground is all that's ever going there,
since it was installed by the city.

You're running with my number, you need to run with *all* the context 
which accompanied it, none of which you inquired about.

> 1. You need to decide how many strands you are going to drop to my
> home. You could drop a single fiber or pair but then you have to put
> mux equipment on the end of it. After all I want choice and that might
> include TV from provider X, phone from provider Y, and high speed data
> from provider Z.

I was going to install 3-pair per passing, except in multi-unit res and
business, where the ratio would drop off to about 1.2 or so at 500 

> 2. Since you are the sole provider of the physical layer, you now have
> to roll a two man crew with a bucket truck and an experienced splicer.

I do like hell; I have Mongo walk over into the wire room and feed a 
patch cord.  Everything is already wired.

> By the way, this is Chicago so we have to have a two man crew at a
> minimum and they are both IBEW union contractors since this city will
> NEVER hire non-union labor. Figure they might have a 20-30 minute
> drive here is traffic cooperates. They get paid hourly so they don't
> much care how long it takes but let's say they are feeling frisky
> today and only take about two hours on the job itself plus the hour of
> travel.

It's clear that you're making the assumptions for *your* environment,
so I won't leave any more of these in now that I've made my point.

> Are we getting closer to that $2,400 per home yet? What if this is the
> suburbs and you have to direct bury enough cable to reach the pedestal
> on the corner and cross my one acre lot with it?

Probably, but $2400 got nothing to do with *my* environment.

100% passings, 100% MPOE, on a pedestal for empty lots, of which there
aren't many. 

Helps to be aiming at the target before you pull the trigger, Steve.

-- jra
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