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No problem.  One of the risks in text communication.  

I guess the usefulness of the measurement would be in what the original question is?

If we knew more about what the membership / non-membership question was about it would be easier.  I guess if we were really trying to figure out how much address space is within ARIN member "control", just the holder would be enough to know.  For example, you could say the X% of space is being used by ARIN members and X% is in use by legacy users.  Since the holder could change or revoke access to the space by an end user I guess we could say they control it.  

For other questions it might be more important to know who is "using" an address space.  Like how much space is issued to end users directly by ARIN vs provided to them by service providers.  The two types would have very different rules regarding reallocation and such.


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sorry steve.

was not chasing down the tree.  not clear what a useful measurement would be.


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