misunderstanding scale

Ray sixsigma44 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 23 23:28:04 UTC 2014

Not necessarily. Printers generally run unattended, printers generally are not rebooted periodically for updates (assuring malware can continue to run), printers generally are not updated even periodically, printers generally have almost no logging that could be reviewed, printers are generally "managed" by the Level 1 Help Desk types whose concern is 99.999% availability to the exclusion of everything else and a host of other things. 

IMHO there's not much comparison because of what they do, how they are (mis)managed and (not) monitored. But since vendors (and our employers) usually do their utmost to maximize profit while minimizing expense, nothing will change unless there is a user uproar. And that uproar for printers is generally a clamoring for more features, not less risk.
> And there you go putting stricter requirements on printers that you
> don't put on laptop, servers.  None of us would put any machines on
> the net if they had to meet your printer's requirements.


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