misunderstanding scale (was: Ipv4 end, its fake.)

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Sun Mar 23 18:39:51 UTC 2014

In message <201403232009.47085.mark.tinka at seacom.mu>, Mark Tinka writes:
> On Sunday, March 23, 2014 06:57:26 PM Mark Andrews wrote:
> > ISP's have done a good job of brain washing their
> > customers into thinking that they shouldn't be able to
> > run services from home. That all their machines
> > shouldn't have a globally unique address that is
> > theoritically reachable from everywhere.  That NAT is
> > normal and desiriable.
> >
> > I was at work last week and because I have IPv6 at both
> > ends I could just log into the machines at home as
> > easily as if I was there. When I'm stuck using a IPv4
> > only service on the road I have to jump through lots of
> > hoops to reach the internal machines.
> I expect this to change little in the enterprise space. I
> think use of ULA and NAT66 will be one of the things
> enterprises will push for, because how can a printer have a
> public IPv6 address that is reachable directly from the
> Internet, despite the fact that there is a properly
> configured firewall at the perimetre offering half-decent
> protection?
> Mark.

Can I suggest that you re-read what I said.  I did not say "WILL

The point is one should be able to get addresses with these properties.
It's your decision about whether to use all the properties the
addresses have.

As for printers directly reachable from anywhere, why not.  We do
have the technology to authenticate requests regardless of the IP
address the request originates from.  Whether that is built into
your printer or not is a purchasing decision.  I see nothing wrong
with being able to print out something from the other side of the
world for someone else to pick up.  The cost to do this shoudn't
amount to more than a couple of cents in the printer's price as it
is all one off engineering.

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