Survey on Internet Disputes.

Kshitiz Verma cse332instructor at
Sun Mar 23 04:40:40 UTC 2014


I am Kshitiz Verma, a Ph.D. student in Madrid, Spain, working in the area
of studies on the Internet ecosystem. We are conducting a survey on the
Internet disputes, not limited to, but mainly focusing on de-peering. We
will appreciate responses from the community that help us build our data on
such incidences. We did an initial search (,
but unfortunately the results we obtained were mostly limited to well known
disputes in North America. We believe there should be more of them but are
hard to find,
1. if they occur outside the Tier 1 regime.
2. if outside USA.
3. because the local news may not always be in English.
4. they may not last long or may not have as big an impact and find place
in news.

We are posting We are also looking for instances like Youtube hijacking by
Pakistan Telecom is not a dispute between any two ASes but still for
repairing purposes, connectivity between Pakistan Telecom and PCCW (AS
3491), Hong Kong was disrupted. At the same time, we are not looking for
disruption of the Internet connectivity due to an accident like Taiwan
earthquake in December 2006.

As claimed in , 500 to
1000 de-peering happens on a daily basis today. We are curious to know how
this number has evolved since its inception (starting from post
commercialization of NSFNET is already very good but before that is
excellent :-) ).

Please fill in the following form if you have some information that you may
want to share with us. Also, as there are so many de-peerings happening,
there is a high possibility that most of these don't become International
News, so to get information on these disputes we expanded our search to
local and regional News but unfortunately this has not added significant
information. Once the results are processed and filtered, we intend to
share them publicly.


Many thanks in advance :-)
Kshitiz Verma

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