Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on Technica

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Sat Mar 22 03:45:02 UTC 2014

Make the regulation and force of arms be as targeted as reasonable.   In the case of telecommunications as targeted as reasonable means the "last mile" or, more correctly, the "local loop".    I advocate stringent ongoing oversight and regulation of the local loop and very little regulation for the rest of the communications industry.     

If the incumbent telcos want to compete on equal footing in a free market then I invite them to give up their government granted right of ways to run their copper or fiber and compete on a level playing field.  They will never do that and therefore the last mile can never be a free market.   

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*too old, failing memory and all, I'll have to go read up on "natural monopoly"--I can not think of one that does not require regulation and force of arms to exist.

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