Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on Technica

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We don't know because the service provider rolls that cost up along with the services they sell.  That is my point.  They are able to spread the costs out based on the profitable services they sell.  If they were not able to sell us services I am not sure they could afford to provide that infrastructure.  In fact, having been a service provider I can tell you that I paid the LEC about $4 a month for a copper pair to your house to sell DSL service at around ten times that cost.  I am sure the LEC was not making money at the $4 a month and I know I could not fund a build out for that price.

Steven Naslund

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> What do you mean by average monthly bill?

What is the average monthly (non-subsidized) access cost that your friends and family pay each month?

-Jim P.

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