Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on Technica

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Mar 21 14:35:01 UTC 2014

On Friday, March 21, 2014 04:25:09 PM Naslund, Steve wrote:

> Nice idea, too bad no one can make any money on building
> infrastructure but not selling the services on top of
> it.  Remember Global Crossing?  You are asking one
> company to put up all the capital expense and then try
> to recover it by allowing access to their infrastructure
> to anyone at low rates.  Not gonna work.  Just on a
> piece of paper, figure out what it costs to get fiber to
> your neighborhood from the nearest central office and
> then how much you have to charge to pay for that.  If
> you can get a reasonable price that returns your
> investment within 20 years, I will be impressed.

Like I mentioned, some countries Asia-Pac and Africa have 
seen some of their governments deploying this infrastructure 
for the citizens. 

Things go belly-up when the governments sub-contract the 
actual operations of the network. Either they use the same 
old incumbents to run it, or they employ private contractors 
(who are, sometimes, equipment vendors that build the 
network - which means even more sub-contracting).

I've seen such builds focusing on access to the homes, as 
well as core national backbones. I haven't yet seen both 
initiatives at the same time in one country.

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