Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on Technica

Sholes, Joshua Joshua_Sholes at cable.comcast.com
Fri Mar 21 14:30:45 UTC 2014

>This boooklet is now maybe ~5-10 years old so it doesn't reflect more
>recent developments.
>We *let* the monopolies (er, duopolies in some cases) get away with the
>regulatory and legislative manipulation that led to the current outcome,

That's definitely its own set of problems completely outside of where one
stands on any idea in the space or on the regulation vs. competition
debate in general.   Regulation does no good unless it's enforced, and
competition can't exist meaningfully in an environment where unfair
business practices are allowed to exist.

>and the irony that the message I'm responding to was authored by someone
>who appears to work for one of those companies would write such a message
>is not lost upon me.

I'm not wearing that hat right now, and I'm a Linux engineer anyway. =P

Josh Sholes

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