L6-20P -> L6-30R

Joel Maslak jmaslak at antelope.net
Wed Mar 19 17:09:34 UTC 2014

You probably should ask your facility operator or electrician what the
requirements are (who, unlike most network engineers, is qualified to
decide what to do), but it sounds like replacing the PDU is simple and
easy, and unquestionably not a bad thing to do.

Alternatively, you can replace the 30A circuit with a 20A one.  I'm not an
electrician, but I'll bet it's not much more complex or expensive than
replacing a breaker and a receptacle, and I'd be shocked if it took more
than an hour of a qualified person's time, and I suspect it would cost
about the same for parts as building some sort of adaptor cord (and less if
you the electrician has spare parts - he gets a 30A breaker and 30A socket
in exchange for a 20A breaker and 20A socket).  The added benefit of 20A,
assuming your equipment power usage is low enough to use 20A, is that it's
usually cheaper (sometimes significantly) if you're paying someone else for
the power circuit each month.

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