L6-20P -> L6-30R

Alex Rubenstein alex at corp.nac.net
Wed Mar 19 12:00:18 UTC 2014

> > Go look at any standard household lamp. It has a 5-15P on the end of
> > it, which could be plugged into an outlet rated for 20 amps (5-20R),
> > with 16 gauge lamp cord rated for 10 amps or less.
> Mine all seem to be NEMA 1-15P, some (most?) with 18 AWG wire.
> Have I been shortchanged?  :)

I wrote that too fast, you are absolutely right.

But my point remains. Appliance/load wire size is often, and many times smaller than the ampacity of the circuit.

Heck, how many times have you plugged in a 14 gauge extension cord to a 5-20R?

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