How to catch a cracker in the US?

Sholes, Joshua Joshua_Sholes at
Mon Mar 17 14:21:41 UTC 2014

On 3/13/14, 7:35 PM, "Larry Sheldon" <LarrySheldon at> wrote:

>Not sure I can agree with that.  I have been in this game for a very
>long time, but for most of it in places where the world's population
>cleaved neatly into two parts: "Authorized Users" who could be
>identified by the facts that they had ID cards, Badges, and knew the
>door code; and "trespassers" who were all others.
>Then you new kids came along and (pointlessly, in my opinion) divided
>the later group into the two described above.

See, the way *I* learned it was that part of the creed of the "hacker"
involved "why would I want to play with your systems, mine are much
cooler.";  that is, by definition a "hacker" is in the first group.


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