[dns-wg] Global Vs local node data in www.root-servers.org

Romeo Zwart rz+nng at zwart.com
Sun Mar 16 11:45:40 UTC 2014

Hi Anurag,

On 16 mrt. 2014, at 10:11, Anurag Bhatia <me at anuragbhatia.com
<mailto:me at anuragbhatia.com>> wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> It seems like http://www.root-servers.org/index.html has been updated
> after quite sometime.

The root-servers.org <http://root-servers.org> site has indeed been
updated recently. We will investigate if the mentioned data errors are
related to the change. 

> Seems like data about local Vs global for many of root servers nodes
> is incorrect.

Details of all instances, incl. global vs.  local information, are
provided directly by individual root-server operators. 

I will ask the responsible people to verify their instances' details,
and if necessary correct these, asap.

Kind regards,

> E.g for Netnod i root all nodes are marked as Global nodes. As far as
> I understand it means that routes announced by these nodes are
> announced to transit links as well to make routes visible globally.
> Likely that is not case here right? 
> Same seems with L root and few others. Do we have webmaster of the
> project on mailing list? 

> Thanks. 
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