US to relinquish control of Internet

John R. Levine johnl at
Sat Mar 15 03:13:23 UTC 2014

>> I look forward to the ITU equitably allocating domain names and IP
>> addresses.

> "NTIA will not accept a proposal that replaces the NTIA role with a 
> government or an inter-governmental organization solution."

Let's hope you're right, but I note that the ITU isn't an 
inter-governmental organization, it's (depending on which part of their 
web site you believe) a specialized agency of the United Nations, or an 
organization based on public-private partnership since its inception, with 
a membership of 193 countries and over 700 private-sector entities and 
academic institutions.  Sounds totally multistakeholder to me.


PS: And the ITU is definitely not a solution.

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