How to catch a cracker in the US?

Keegan Holley no.spam at
Thu Mar 13 23:46:32 UTC 2014

I’ve seen past employers contact the FBI for a similar issue, but we had control of the network and logs in question so that made it easier.  You may be able to contact interpol or a similar agency in the EU.  They will at least be able to tell you the right agency to call.

You can also have a lawyer contact comcast on your behalf.  Many times a company will retrieve and store logs in preparation of various legal proceedings.  Comcast is a very large company so there’s no way to be sure that this will spur them into action, but it’s a start.

On Mar 11, 2014, at 3:00 AM, Markus <universe at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm an ISP in Germany and a cracker (not a hacker :) ) has targeted a customers of mine in the last days. The cracker was successful and caused financial damage / was successful with data theft. I set a trap and finally caught his real IP address - a Comcast user in the US (100% not a proxy or bot). What would be the next steps to pursuit him? If I contact local authorities here in Germany I'm afraid months will pass by and Comcast will have possible already deleted their logs by then (?). Any advice?
> Thank you!
> Markus

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