fiber optics patchcords - supplier nearby Atlanta,GA

joel jaeggli joelja at
Thu Mar 6 13:28:31 UTC 2014

On 3/6/14, 1:00 PM, Jiri Prochazka wrote:
> Hello list,
> we're deploying a new rack/technology in Atlanta,GA and we are out of
> reserves of optical patchcords.
> We need to get another few pieces (combinations of most used connectors
> like LC/SC/E2000 and lenghts).
> Could you please point me to some eshop in the US, where we can get them?
> Ideally with possibility to pay over PayPal and delivery time to
> Atlanta,GA in two working days. Normally, we would ship them from
> Europe, but we do not want to risk the delay which could be caused by
> customs.

cables and kits is local to atlanta

when I was  standing up a large footprint in atl I worked with the local
graybar among other suppliers.

> Thank you!
> Jiri Prochazka

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